News and Notes for Nov 11, 2018

  • The EarthCare Team is no longer collecting dead batteries. Thank you!

  • Thank you to all of our Bulk Mail & Candle Prep Volunteers!! You make the magic happen and we love you for it!

  • Christmas is coming - do your shopping at Unity by purchasing Scrip Gift Cards. Hundreds of vendors are available for all types of shops and services!

  • The end of the tax year is almost upon us... gifts received before Jan 31 will be counted in your 2018 charitable donation statement!

  • PUMA ON FIRE THANK YOU!!!!!!!! Because of you, we were able to reduce the amount of our new mortgage from $80,000 to $35,000!! We are still pushing to BURN THE MORTGAGE ASAP!! Even if a $400 puzzle piece isn't in your budget, every little bit helps! If 8 people give $50 bucks, that's another piece restored to the puzzle... and we're one piece closer to creating financial stability for our spiritual home.

We had a wonderful time hosting the Connecting Chords Sacred Music Festival!

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